1 in 4

Writing for Harvard Law School’s The Record, Sean Hamidi says that the presidential debates and campaigns have almost completely ignored the issue of poverty:

One in four black Americans is living in poverty. One in four Hispanic Americans is living in poverty. These numbers should be burnt into our collective conscience until we muster the political courage to do something about it. How many presidents? 44. How many states? 50. How many black and Hispanic Americans are living in poverty? One in four.

Hamidi goes on to argue that talking about the poor isn’t likely to give anybody a bump in the polls, so Romney and Obama have virtually ignored what ought to be a source of national shame. Because the issue of poverty in our country is so far-reaching and complex, it’s not likely that a blog managed by one person could give it the attention it deserves; rather than focus on poverty at the national level, I’ve decided to focus solely on poverty in Indiana. This blog will try to explore the major causes and some solutions of poverty in Indiana. For today’s introductory post, here are a few numbers to stew about:

  • 426,000 children in Indiana are living in poverty
  • 236,000 families in Indiana are living in poverty
  • over 1 million people in total in Indiana are living in poverty


Source: Source: STATS Indiana, using U.S. Census Bureau data

All numbers are as of 2009.


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  1. […] our state doesn’t have a poverty problem- this in spite of the dismal statistics I put up in last week’s post. Upon further inspection of the candidate’s sites I was able to find a few brief mentions of […]

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