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This ain’t Borat’s Kazakhstan

A report from Human Rights Watch details an ongoing legal and political drama in Kazakhstan over the rights to organize, strike, and express political dissidence.

Rep. Wilson: Protect Our Jobs

An op-ed by Michigan lawmaker Rep. Woodrow Stanley implores Michigan voters to support the Protect Our Jobs Initiative on the ballot this November and outlines how Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and state Republicans have been rolling back benefits for the state’s most vulnerable while pursuing an anti-worker agenda, pro-big business agenda.

An Update on Wisconsin

HuffPo’s Michael Tarn updates the ongoing court battle over Wisconsin’s recent union-busting laws. Will the court uphold a previous ruling that found the law unconstitutional, or will Governor Scott Walker prevail in his jihad against public sector workers?


From Monday’s NYT: feeling betrayed by The Left, educators in many states are looking for allies from groups that have traditionally been among the most hostile towards unions (ie: conservative Republicans).

The Latest on the Karachi Factory Fire

Another example of why labor rights violations are humans rights violations. From the BBC’s coverage: “Hundreds were trapped inside – the building had metal grilles on the windows and no fire exits. Many workers jumped from the upper floors.”

Why We Need Unions

David Madland and Nick Bunker, writing for the Center for American Progress, make the case for unions as benefactors of basically everybody. I think this graph sums things up pretty well.